“How to Easily & Pleasurably Make 2013 Your Best Year Ever and Become the Best Possible You That You Could Ever Become”

100% of the Profits from This Package Are Going Directly to “The Association for Dance & Performing Arts” – ADPA


So Not Only Does Your Small Investment of Just £6 (approx $10) Gain you instant download access to 12 Life Changing EBooks and 5 Powerful Hypnotherapy & NLP Positive Mind Programming Audio MP3’s but also 100% of the money will go to ADPA to Help Children & Youngsters to lead a better life. You’ll be helping both yourself and also helping to change the lives of others when you order now.






acmt logo redThe moment that you have made that intelligent decision to click the “buy it now” button, you will gain instant download access to the following 5 Audio MP3 recordings and also these 12 Life Changing EBooks.

A total of 17 Amazing items that if bought separately would usually cost you a total of £347 (approx $567) and yet today they can all be yours for just £6 ($10) which is less than 2% of their usual combined retail value.

Whether you’re just looking for proven ways to improve your life for the better or you’re a Therapist or Life Coach looking for powerful new Methods, Secrets, Strategies and Techniques to add to your tool kit then without doubt this is the best £6 ($10) that you’ll ever invest into yourself.




And remember 100% of your payment goes directly to ADPA (The Association of Dance & Performing Arts” a Not For Profit Social enterprise aimed at helping Children & Youngsters to live a better more positive, rewarding, fulfilling life and enabling them to enhance their prospects for the future.


REMEMBER – These Audio MP3’s and EBooks also make excellent life changing gifts for friends, family and loved ones, so there really is something in this package for everyone you care about for just £6 ($10)






These 5 Powerful Positive Mind Re-Programming Audio MP3’s:

*Life Change’s – The Keys To Becoming The Best Ever You

This insanely powerful 50 minute Audio MP3 will enable you to easily, positively and permanently positively re-programme your personal neck top computer (brain) in such an effective manner that quite literally it has over the years been proven to help most any and every problem, issue, habit, fear, addiction and phobia that you can possibly think of from A through to Z. Simply follow the simple instructions, lie back, relax and notice the changes that this powerful combination of techniques known as “Complete Mind Therapy” will bring into your life.

*Smoking Cessation Made Easy

This powerful recording is laser targeted to help you (or your friends and family to whom you may give the recording) to easily become and remain a Happy, Healthy, Relaxed Non Smoker. Add years to your life, feel healthier and save a fortune into the bargain.

*Weight-Loss Mind Diet Solution

Whether you want to Lose Weight, maintain your weight at its current level without fear of it increasing or you know someone who needs to achieve these things then this is the recording for you. The Simple fact is that conventional diets will never work in the long term unless you have also re-programmed your brain to the new way of living which is where this session solves the problem for you.

*Develop Super Self Confidence

Imagine having total Supreme unstoppable Self Confidence in all areas of your life. How Positive would that feel and how Beneficial would that be to you? Well imagine no longer as this session will set you on the right path to being your own King or Queen of Confidence.

*Stress Control & Management

With this session your mind will be re-programmed to enable you to automatically deal with any and all usually Stressful Situations in a new Stress free manner. You’ll feel more Relaxed, Positive and Focused in all that you do and its also a great way to relax after a long day at work.

And Also These 12 Full Length Information Packed Ebooks:

12 Winning Leadership Qualities

Body Language Magic

Boost Your Confidence

Goal Realization Made Easy

How To Be A Public Speaking Superstar

How To Command & Master Your Emotions

How To Dominate Your Fears & Phobias

How To Fill Your Life With Unlimited Abundance

Hypnosis Mania – How To Use Hypnosis In Your Life

Powerful Ways To Sharpen Your Memory

Speed Reading Monster Course

Conditioning Your Mind For Success




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All of the above Self-Help and Positive Personal Development Products are approved & endorsed by The Association of Complete Mind Therapists (ACMT) and The Mind Care Organisation Ltd.

“Complete Mind Therapy” is the creation of Dr. Jonathan Royle and you can learn a little about how it works and also at the same time learn a little more about ADPA – “The Association of Dance & Performing Arts” at this link which will open in a separate window –


Yes indeed when you have paid your £6 ($10) to help the worthy cause tht is ADPA and have downloaded your items, you will notice that nearly all of the ebooks come to you along with readymade full length sales letters and also practically ready to go sales websites. That’s because you’ll get Legal Resale
Rights on the Ebooks enabling you to sell them yourself and keep 100% of the profits you generate during 2013 and beyond.


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