Discover The True Inside Secrets Of Rapid & Instant
Hypnosis For Stage, Street & Clinical Applications”

These Are The Secrets That All The Other Trainers Either
Don’t Know Or Are Just Too Scared  To Teach You…

 Isn’t It About Time You Knew The Real Truth?

Dear Hypnotic Friend,

You should be really angry.

In fact if I were you, I’d be furious at the way you’ve been conned, lied to and misled for all this time by other so-called “Hypnosis Trainers”…

Whether your desire is to become (or you already are) a hypnotherapist helping people to change their lives for the better, a Stage or Street Hypnotist using your skills to entertain (or both) you owe it to yourself and your clients to read every word of this letter and to watch every minute of the few short videos that follow…

Would You Like The Knowledge, Skills and Power To Quite Literally Enable You To Hypnotize Anybody, Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere, Within A Matter Of Seconds Perhaps Even Without
Saying A Single Word To Them…  

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And imagine how good you will feel once you’ve mastered the techniques which will enable you to place people into a deep hypnotic trance state in seconds – even in the noisiest of environments like you can see me do in this short clip here…

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Realise how powerful and successful you will finally become as a Hypnotist once you’ve discovered the proven methods to get people into deep trance states within seconds of meeting them or your client entering your consulting room…

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Yes it’s true, the “Holy Grail of Hypnosis” does exist, there are indeed simple easy-to-implement techniques which, once learnt, can ensure that you never fail with anyone at anytime in any situation, whether that be in a personal one to one Hypnotherapy session, a Group Therapy Event, In a Social Environment or even a Stage Show.

These are the true “Nuts and Bolts” Secrets of Hypnotic Success, Power,  Influence & Persuasion, the majority of which you will not find in any other book, manual, course or DVD and that’s quite simply because the vast majority of so called “Hypnosis Experts” quite simply don’t know these secrets themselves!

Be totally honest with yourself, with your current knowledge and skills in hypnosis, could you approach a complete stranger on the street and within less than 30 seconds of meeting them have them in a deep hypnotic trance state like this…?

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If – as I strongly suspect – your honest answer is no, then ask yourself “Why is that?”.

Now I’m not in any way suggesting that you have a desire to approach random people on the street and place them into zombie-like trances, indeed far from it…

But I do honestly believe that if you can’t currently do what you’ve seen me do in the past four short videos that whether your desire is to be at the top of your game as a hypnotherapist or stage hypnotist you urgently need to learn the real truth about hypnosis.


Yes you read that correctly, the true techniques of Hypnosis, (the so called Holy Grail) despite what the so called “experts” say, can when used correctly and with the correct knowledge and techniques in your possession be used to make people do quite literally anything and everything you could ever imagine!

In the following clip you’ll see me Hypnotise People into revealing their confidential passwords Against Their Will – as you watch the video please be aware that after person number 2 told me their password, I actually put them back into trance and Made Them Forget Totally that they had ever told me, so actually I got the first two totally correct, unfortunately due to time restraints this was not broadcast on the T.V. Show…

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Now for the first time ever and for a Strictly Limited time period, you have got the rare opportunity to learn the, until now, jealously guarded true inner secrets Of Hypnosis that will instantly make you far more Powerful, Persuasive and Successful in all areas of your life, whilst transforming and sky rocketing your success as a Hypnotherapist and/or Stage Hypnotist.

Yes that’s right, by now you should have realised that today is your lucky day, it’s your chance to grab hold of that missing piece of the jig-saw, your one time opportunity to grow as a Hypnotist and most likely the only way that you’ll ever discover the true “Holy Grail of Hypnosis”.

Isn’t It About Time You Learnt The Real Truth?

Don’t you owe it to yourself to learn the proven techniques that will enable you to be both Supremely Confident and Competent as a Truly Successful Hypnotist?

Don’t you owe it to your clients to be able to consistently help them to transform their lives permanently and positively within in a single session?

And for those with a desire for the Stage or for Magicians and Mentalists who just desire to add a little Hypnosis to their work, don’t you owe it to yourself and your volunteers to learn the most powerful and Safest, 100% Legal Techniques & Methods rather than the dangerous rubbish being peddled by so many wannabe “guru’s” and second rate teachers at this time?

Well I Personally 100% Guarantee that after studying the contents of the package that you are about to be offered access to (and this package will most likely be removed from sale in the very near future so you’d be wise to take action today) you will know far more and be capable of far more as a Hypnotist than the vast majority of those people calling themselves Hypnotists in the world today!

The clips that follow are taken from some of the actual training materials you will gain instant download access to in a few minutes time…

As you watch this video, remember that when you grab this unique course package today, you will learn how to do Everything that you are about to see demonstrated in this video and also everything you’ve seen in the other videos..
But perhaps most importantly you’ll learn all of the techniques and secrets behind how and why these methods work so rapidly and successfully and you will be taught in a simple step by step easy to understand manner Exactly How To Use These Building Blocks For Greater Success In Your Hypnotherapy Sessions, For Greater Success On Stage and Indeed For Greater Success In All Things Hypnotic In All Areas of Your Life….


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  • 37 Hour’s of Unrivalled Step by Step Training Video’s which will take even the complete Novice to Advanced Master Practitioner Level in all areas of Instant Hypnosis, Rapid Hypnotherapy & Stage/Street Hypnotism.
  • 17 Hour’s of liquid gold dynamite Audio MP3 Recordings that will change the way you think and operate in any and all areas of Hypnosis and NLP forever.
  • A Comprehensive 550+ Paged Step by Step PDF Training Manual in all areas of Hypnosis & Positive Mind Control Success Techniques
  • Several other invaluable resources and aids to make your education complete.


Purchased Separately, all of the courses and training materials contained within this bumper package would usually cost you in excess of £1,000 UK Sterling (approx $1597 or 1205 Euros) – However when you take action today you can SAVE OVER 90% off the usual prices!

Yes that’s right, the intention is to make this package available to only 100 people worldwide at the ridiculously low one time only Special Offer price of just $97.00(that’s equivalent to approx £62 or 74 Euros)


So confident are we in the value and content of this unique hypnotic training package that will teach you literally everything you need to know about Royle’s Proven Shortcut Success Secrets to all areas of Hypnotherapy and demonstrational Hypnosis (ideal for both Stage and Group Therapy Sessions) that we are offering you our unique:


Order this package today and gain instant download access to all of the amazing training materials…Then take a Full 365 Days (One Year) to study the materials and put them to use in your Hypnotherapy Practice, Your Stage Shows and in other areas of your life..

At the end of 365 Days (One Year) if for any reason whatsoever your not absolutely delighted with the increased Success and Results you will be getting in all areas of Hypnosis, then just contact us for a Full 100% Money Back Refund and we’ll still remain friends!

What are you waiting for, whilst your taking time making the intelligent decision to grab this opportunity now, others are already ordering this unique package and thus the 100 available units are rapidly being snapped up.

If you’ve not already clicked the buy it now button, then we strongly suggest you take a look at this final short video within which you will see comments and testimonials from actual students who were present at the live courses to which you are about to gain Instant Download Access to…

REMEMBER – These Courses Cover All Areas of Success in Hypnotherapy and Group Therapy Sessions, Along with Stage & Street Hypnosis…


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Still Not Made The Best Decision Of Your Life Yet?

I fully understand that you may think this all seems to good to be true, as such please allow me to remind you one more time that this entire package comes with Our Unique 365 Days (One Year) Money Back Guarantee…

And remember you’ll not only learn exactly how to easily and effectively do absolutely everything that you have seen me demonstrate in the videos on this page, but also and perhaps more importantly you’ll learn Exactly how to apply these techniques in One to One Therapeutic Treatment Sessions, Group Hypnotherapy Sessions, for Stage & Street Hypnosis and even in many other areas of your everyday life & business.


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NOTE: By purchasing this package, you confirm that you understand and agree that the mentioned 365 day (One Year) Money back Guarantee is fully conditional on you having downloaded and studied everything in this package. Therefore you cannot claim the 365 Day Guarantee until 365 days have passed from the date of your PayPal purchase payment for access to these materials, and must (if required) make any refund claim by email to no later than 372 days from date of purchase.